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Use our NewArtLove Cambridge Open Studio Mobile APP

New Art Love Cambridge Open Studios is a premier art app and web-based guide that will greatly enhance your Open Studios experience.

New Art Love – A Mobile Phone App

New Art Love Cambridge Open Studios app will enable you to discover and learn about artists; curate your own art experience and connect with artists whose work you love.

Use this app to locate the art you want to see and then find your way to the artists' studios or venues.

Whether you are a local or live outside the community, with this app you can be an adventuring tourist and visit areas far flung from your usual path. In either case, use this app to make the most of your self-guided tour by planning ahead or being wildly spontaneous to find the things that pique your interests:

There are two ways to get the app!

  1. As a web app - the New Art Love Cambridge Open Studios app is accessible as amobile web app through scanning this QR code or by visiting New Art Love

  2. As a native platform app – the app can be downloaded from Google, the Apple store, or any smart phone app store also free of charge.

How Does it Work?

  • trong>Click on the Artists list to view thumbnail images and search by your preferences or a specific artist’s name.

  • Click on the Dates to find out which artists are participating in each of the two Open Studios weekends.

  • Search by Media to locate artists whose work falls in the realm of 2D/For my wall), 3D/For my space, Wearable and Performance (which includes poetry, music and more).

  • Use the Map feature to see which studios are near you and find what you want to see

  • Find wheelchair or partially accessible studios and venues

  • Check-In and Share to let your friends know where you have visited and what you think is a “don’t miss experience”.

  • View and Share Photos by linking your experience and art you loved on Facebook & Twitter.

  • Get in touch If you have a story of how the New Art Love app changed your Open Studios experience, we would so appreciate hearing it! Email us at team@newartlove.com

About NewArtLove.com
An Online Marketplace for Artists and Art Lovers
NewArtLove.com is a pilot nonprofit curated website platform that is meant to be a companion to Open Studios and the NewArtLove App. It enables art lovers to find or re-visit and purchase high quality, affordable, original art work conveniently. Our aim is to promote the wealth of high quality contemporary art in Massachusetts and to help create more sustainable careers for artists by helping to attract viewers and buyers for their work. To be considered, an artist must submit at least five (and up to ten) sample images of recent artwork. Criteria includes: a well developed body of recent work and high quality images. All work must be represented by professional quality images, properly labeled with dimensions, category, subject, date created, medium, price and materials used. A variety of guest curators, including exhibiting artists, will review submissions and applicants will be notified of decisions within 10 days of submission. Once selected, an artist's participation in the market place is entirely optional. New Art Love artists are welcome to fully participate in the community and maintain a portfolio without ever selling their work or making any financial obligation. Artists who sell work through the site will receive 80% of the sale price with New Art Love receiving 20%. Submit questions and submissions to team@newartlove.com.