Privately Sponsored Public Art
Central Square


Harvest Food Coop

Artist: David Fichter
Title: Potluck
Date: 1994
Materials: Acrylic on brick
Dimensions: 22' x 100'
Location: Intersection of Bishop Allen Drive and Norfolk Street, overlooking the parking lot

An entire neighborhood gathers in this monumental neighborhood mural to socialize and feast on foods from many different ethnic cuisines - a sensory celebration of Central Square's diversity. The crowd at the potluck contains individual portraits of numerous area residents. Nearly fifty volunteers from the area helped Fichter and his assistants with the task of painting the 2,000 square foot wall.

Commissioned by the Area 4 Neighborhood Coalition


Auburn Park

Artist: Kitty Wales
Title: Marsh Passage
Date: 2001
Material: Bronze, sandblasted cement
Dimensions: 8 feet long
Location: Intersection of Auburn and Brookline Streets

Wales' work for this small park provides an interactive "field guide" to wildlife in Cambridgeport, both of the time (when the area was a marsh) and now. The 600-pound carp at the center of the park and embedded bronze dragonflies, crabs, and tortoise surrounding it are outsized versions of the creatures that once swam, scuttled, and flew here.

Commissioned by Cambridge Homeowners Rehab, Inc.


University Park

Artists: Ross Miller and Monica Raymond
Title: Traces
Date: 1999
Material: Mixed media
Location: Intersection of Sidney and Franklin Streets

Grouped into four plazas, nearly 50 two- and three-dimensional pieces trace the area's history, including a refractor telescope that celebrates groundbreaking local innovations; a mist fountain and bronze oyster shells that represent Cambridgeport's estuarine past; a giant spool that recalls the cable company that occupied the site circa 1895.

Commissioned by Forest City Development