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    Fire Detail

A fire detail may be required for cutting and welding operations (Click Here To Access Cutting/Welding/Hot Work Permit); for demolition operations (Click Here To Access Demolition Permit); for assembly occupancies where candles are in use; and for other purposes where the Fire Marshal deems it neccessary for life safety such as fire protection/fire alarm impairments and special events.

Office Hours are 7AM-3PM, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). Detail requests must be in before 2pm.

Details must be scheduled at least 1 business day in advance. Multiple days can be scheduled in advance.

Click Here For Important Updates that took effect on September 1, 2011

To arrange or cancel a fire detail, you must Email your request to firedetail@cambridgefire.org or, if your computer system allows, you can try to use the On-Line forms below. Please do not send anything by fax.

The On-Line forms may not work with your computer system, however, you should be able to print them and then send them electronically (pdf, word doc, etc.) to firedetail@cambridgefire.org

*** Please Note:The week of 4/7-4/11 we plan on implementing a new website format.  You will find the on-line applications for requesting or cancelling a fire detail under the header tab of "PERMITS."  The first item listed, Fire Detail Information, will lead you to the new application.  Many of the fields listed will be required. 

Click Here For On-Line Application To Request A Fire Detail  ***

Click Here For On-Line Application To Cancel A Fire Detail ***

IMPORTANT! -If the on-line forms did not work please be sure to provide all of the following information when requesting a detail electronically:

  • Reason For Detail (hot work, candles, ems, etc)
  • Company Name (company who will be billed for the detail)
  • Person Requesting Detail (allows return calls if necessary)
  • Phone Number
  • Location of Detail (street address and if it is at MIT, be sure to include building number)
  • Floor or Area (area within the building where the detail is needed)
  • Indoors or Outdoors (Click Here To Download the Fire Detail Rate Sheet)
  • Date(s) Requested (multiple days can be arranged on one request)
  • Start Time (usually 30 minutes after workers arrive. allows set-up time)
  • End Time (note: details must stay 30 minutes after work is completed)
  • Number of Firefighters Needed 
  • Any Special Equipment Needed
  • Job Contact Person Name and Number 

Questions or concerns can be made by sending an email to firedetail@cambridgefire.org or by calling (617) 349-4990