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    Fuel Storage Tank Regulation- Aboveground

Above ground tanks greater than10,000 gallons

An applicant for a permit to construct a tank or container of more than 10,000 gallons capacity for the storage of any fluid other than water, to be located aboveground, shall make application in duplicate to the State Fire Marshal. Forms are available from the Department of Fire Services. Plans and specifications for tanks and containers shall be certified by and engineer. The Fire Department is required to review the plans. If approved, a permit will issue to install the tank. The plans and permit shall be submitted to the State Fire Marshal for approval. If the tank will be used to store flammable fluids, please read the Annual Fuel Storage Permit and License information.

  • Permit fee - $100 per tank

Aboveground tanks less than 10,000 gallons used to store flammable fluids

A permit from the Fire Department is required to install an aboveground tank used to store flammable fluids. Plans and specification must be submitted to the Fire Department prior to tank installation. The following information is required to be submitted:

  • Type and size of tank
  • UL listing of the tank
  • What the tank will be used for
  • Location of the tank
  • Containment being provided (single or double-walled tank)
  • Fire rating of the room the tank will be located in
  • Location and type of piping to be used
  • Containment being provided for the piping
  • Pump and monitoring equipment being used
  • Location of the fill/vent piping and containment being provided

In addition to the permit, please read the Annual Fuel Storage and License information.

  • Permit fee - $100 per tank

Note: The term "aboveground" storage tank applies to tanks not physically buried in the ground including tanks located below grade inside of buildings or structures and vaults.