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    Special Units


The following section illustrates only several of the numerous special units in service in the Cambridge Fire Department. Check periodically for updates and additions. 

Engine 10

fully equipped spare pump

1989 Pierce Saber - 1250 gpm pump - 500 gallon water tank 
(This is the former Engine 6 pump.)

- photo by Tara Bithia

Engine 11

fully equipped spare pump

1989 Pierce Saber - 1250 gpm pump - 500 gallon water tank 
(This is the former Engine 2 pump.)

- photo by Tara Bithia

Dive Rescue 1

1992 Ford E-350 Southern Ambulance

- photo by Tara Bithia

Marine Unit 1

 This 25' Boston Whaler is powered by twin 200 HP outboard engines. Features include an enclosed pilot house, a dive door on the starboard side, deployable dive stairs, and a tow bar with reel. It is fitted with a 200 gpm fire pump and bow monitor, with provisions for flowing an 1 3/4" attack line for firefighting. This Cambridge Fire Department boat will supplement Marine Unit 2, the 17' Patton inflatable rescue boat which is currently in use on the Charles River and greatly increases the Department's ability to provide life safety and fire protection along our 6 1/2 miles of Charles River waterfront.

- photo by Tara Bithia

HazMat 1

1994 Ford/3-D Hazardous Materials Unit

- photo by Tara Bithia

Tactical Rescue 1
1999 Pierce Rescue Apparatus - International Chassis
equipment includes:
6 ton winch
25 kW electric generator
40 foot floodlight boom
SCBA breathing air compressor and cascade system

- photo by Ed Fowler


Ingersoll Rand All Terrain Vehicle
Kawasaki gasoline engine
donated by Walsh Brothers Construction 

- photo by Tara Bithia


Motor Squad Vehicle
1987 Ford F-350/XL - Lacey body - diesel
four wheel drive utility truck

- photo by Tara Bithia


Motor Squad Vehicle
Oil change, lube, and tire maintenance 
1976 Chevrolet van
(This is the former Air Supply Unit and the former Rescue 2)

- photo by Tara Bithia


Motor Squad Vehicle
1999 Ford F-350 - diesel
four wheel drive utility truck

- photo by Ed Fowler

Decon Trailer 1

2002 Hazardous Materials Decontamination Trailer
Federally funded through FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) and MEMA (Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency) through the Department of Fire Services, this trailer is fully equipped with tools and equipment, including decon tents and showers, to rapidly mass-decontaminate large numbers of people in the event of biological or chemical incident. This trailer is the first of 3 to be placed in service in Cambridge and is similar others deployed statewide. 

- photo by Brian Higgins


1989 Ford E-350/Southern Ambulance - diesel

In memory of C-9 - Inspector Edward J. Fowler

- photos by Tara Bithia

Ladder 5

fully equipped spare truck

1989 Maxim Motors  - 100 foot aerial device
(This is the former apparatus of Ladder 3 and Ladder 4.)

specL5rear.jpg (45815 bytes)  rear view  --  view from the tiller seat  specL5tiller.jpg (44717 bytes)

note: click on the two images above for  full views

- photos by Tara Bithia

Lighting Plant
Collapse Rescue Support Unit

1986 International/Saulsbury
rebuilt by CFD Tech Services and Automotive Maintenance Mechanics
(This is the former Engine 5 Hose Wagon.)

LPstarboard.jpg (753271 bytes)
click on the image above to enlarge

- photos by Matt McDonald

 former Engine 10

1979 Hendrickson/Continental - 1250 gpm pump - 500 gallon water tank 
(This is the former Engine 5, Engine 9, and Engine 1 pump.)

This pump has been taken out of service as of  November, 2003. It will be traded-in as part of the allowance for the purchase of a new Engine 9 pump. This apparatus served the Cambridge Fire Department from 4 May 1979 until November, 2003. 

- photo by Tara Bithia

former C15

Training Division
1993 Ford Explorer XL
four wheel drive 

This vehicle was removed from service in November, 2003. It has been replaced by a newer Ford Crown-Victoria. 

- photo by Tara Bithia