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Harvard Square Conservation District


New! View the Five Year Status Report of the Harvard Square Neighborhood Conservation District Study in PDF format.  You will need  Adobe Acrobate Reader   software in order to download this file.  Please note that this file is large (131 KB) and may take several minutes to download, depending on your connection speed.  Not all the appendices are available online. You may view a hard copy of this report in the Historical Commission office, any time during normal business hours.  Please contact  Sarah Burks  if you have any questions.

View memo to district property owners below.

Also available: The November 2000 report, Final Report of the Harvard Square Neighborhood Conservation District Study in PDF format. 

Available online:
Practical Guide to Permitting in the Harvard Square Conservation District
Click here to download the PDF file (753 KB).


Date: November 17, 2005

To: Harvard Square Property Owners

From: Charles M. Sullivan, Executive Director

Re: Status of the Harvard Square Conservation District

The Historical Commission will hold a public hearing December 1st to review the Five Year Status Report on the Activity and Effectiveness of the Harvard Square Conservation District. The district was established by order of the Cambridge City Council on December 18, 2000. The vote came at the end of a three-year effort on the part of a study committee appointed by the City Manager in response to a request by the City Council that the Historical Commission investigate how best to "preserve and protect all remaining historical buildings in Harvard Square."

Among the provisions of the designation order was a requirement that the Historical Commission hold a public hearing and submit a report on the effectiveness of the first five years of the district with a recommendation to the City Council as to whether the order establishing the district should continue in effect, continue in effect with amendments, or be repealed. The reason for including this requirement in the order was to ensure that the district continued to meet the objectives set forth in final study report and to provide an opportunity for amendments to be introduced after the district had been in effect for a reasonable period of time.

A status report has been drafted by the staff of the Historical Commission and will be available by November 22nd for review at the Commission office and on the website. The report includes a summary of the designation timeline, description of the regular business of the district, review of cases heard, and a discussion of possible amendments to the enabling ordinance, Ch. 2.78 of the City Code. No amendments to the order that established the district are proposed by the staff.

Written public comment in advance of the December 1 hearing is welcomed and there will be opportunity at the hearing for questions and testimony from the public. If you have questions in advance, you may call the Commission office at 617-349-4683.

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