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Half Crown and Marsh Neighborhood Conservation District Study

New! 7/30/07 City Council adopts consolidation order

Consolidation Study Final Report of 4/28/06, including Consolidation Order


The joint study committee of the concurrent Half Crown and Marsh Neighborhood Conservation District Studies first met during the fall of 2004 to discuss the existing regulations in the two districts and the potential for consolidation and or amendment of the two districts to make more efficient use of staff resources and to possibly improve upon the existing review procedures. In the winter and spring of 2006, the study committee held several new meetings and presented their recommendations at a public informational meeting on Thursday, April 27, 2006.

The members of the joint study committee included Shary Berg, Robert Crocker and William King of the Historical Commission; Lindsay Allison, Judith Dortz, Grenelle Scott, and Elizabeth Goodfellow Zagoroff of the Half Crown NCD; and Robert Banker, Mary Ries, James Van Sickle, and Dennis Wolkoff of the Marsh NCD. Twelve public meetings and hearings were held by the study committee, Historical Commission and the City Council's Ordinance Committee between September 2004 and December 2006. A final report and proposed order were forwarded to the City Council.

On July 30, 2007, the City Council adopted the proposed order for consolidation of the two districts. The city manager has appointed a new district commission, which will begin meeting in December 2007.

--December 2007



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