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Large projects seeking Planning Board special permit must have a certified Traffic Impact Study (TIS), if the proposed project meets the thresholds established in Article 19.20 of the City's zoning ordinance.

The TIS must be certified by the Traffic, Parking and Transportation Department (T, P & T) for the project to apply to the Planning Board for a special permit.

1. Request a scope from the T, P & T Department.  The request must include:
     * description of the project and use(s)
     *  trip generation
     *  mode split assumptions
     *  trip distribution and assignment diagrams
     *  intersections to be included in the study

2.  T, P & T will approve or modify the scope.

3.  Proponent completes study as required by the TIS Guidelines and submits to the T, P & T Department for certification.  the T, P & T will issue a certification to the applicant within twenty-one (21) days of the TIS submission that the traffic study has been done in a complete and reliable manner.  Where the certificatiion is denied, the applicant may revise the TIS and resubmit it; a certification of the revised study shall be issued or denied by T, P & T within fourteen (14) days of th resubmission of materials.

Contact Adam Shulman, Transportation Planner, at 617-349-4745 with any questions.

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