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One Visitor Parking Permit is available for each household.  They are to accomodate a visitor at your home not to be used by the resident.  The rules on the back of the Visitor Parking Permit are strictly enforced.  The first Resident Parking Permit purchased in a household will receive a Visitor Parking Permit at no extra charge.  A household that is without a vehicle may purchase one Visitor Parking Permit.  If you own multiple Cambridge properties, you must declare one as your primary residence.  Only one visitor permit will be issued in your name.

Permit Fee:
     Household without a vehicle - $ 25.00
     If lost, one replacement only per year - $ 50.00

No fee if:

  • You are age 65 or older.  Provide proof of age.
  • You have disability plates or placard.

The visitor permit can be replaced on a one time basis.
The resident who received the original Visitor Parking Permit is the only person that may request a replacement.

Print Visitor Parking Permit Application (PDF)

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