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All Building Permit application starts and ends with the City Inspectional Services Department (ISD) 617-349-6100.  If required by ISD, project's may require Cambridge Traffic, Parking and Transportation ( T,P&T) Department review. 

Before coming to T, P & T:

     1.  Review the T, P & T Building Permit Guidelines and City Bicycle Parking Guide.

     2.  Complete an Interdepartmental Parking Facility Registration Form, as required per City Ordinance 10.18.   

     3.  Complete the T, P & T Department Building Permit Application review check-list.

Submit all materials to Adam Shulman, T, P & T Transportation Planner at 344 Broadway, 2nd Floor.  Be sure to leave the contact name and phone number of person knowledgeable about the project.  Materials will be reviewed before T, P & T signing off.

Building Permits (Cambridge Inspectional Service Department): 617-349-6100.

T,P&T Contact:  Adam Shulman, Transportation Planner, at 617-349-4745.



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