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City Council Office
 Policy Order Resolution
  July 29, 2013


It has come to the attention of the City Council that residents of Bowdoin Street have repeatedly expressed concern over a series of traffic, licensing, and zoning violations in the vicinity that have occurred as a result of misguided loading and delivery instructions from businesses on Massachusetts Avenue; and
WHEREAS: In lieu of using legal loading zones on Massachusetts Avenue, large delivery trucks have instead been instructed by business owners to utilize Bowdoin Street, compromising the safety of drivers and pedestrians on Bowdoin Street as trucks are forced to back down the street; and

Additionally, as a result of these unsafe driving practices, the fire hydrant on Bowdoin Street has been knocked down two times in the last year; and

WHEREAS: To demonstrate the persistent nature of these violations, the neighborhood has developed a website to document the occurrences, visible at; and
WHEREAS: Although the neighborhood has made the City aware of these violations, their concerns have yet to be addressed in a substantial matter by City staff; now therefore be it


That the City Manager be and hereby is requested to instruct the Inspectional Services Department, the Traffic, Parking and Transportation Department, and the License Commission to promptly explore the concerns raised by the residents of Bowdoin Street and report back to the City Council.

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