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City Council Office
 Policy Order Resolution
  October 7, 2013


The City of Cambridge supports bicycling of all ages and experience levels; and


Bicyclists have an equal right to travel on all of the city's roadways as do motorized vehicles -still, many bicyclists prefer to use the city streets which have markings for designated bike lanes or cycle tracks; and 


Bike lanes are frequently blocked by idling cars, delivery vehicles, and parked cars -- especially during rush hours; and 


Blocked bike lanes lead to unsafe conditions and is a concern for both cyclists and motorized vehicle drivers; and 

WHEREAS: Safe, unencumbered bike lanes encourage a greater number of individuals to switch to bicycling as their main form of transportation; now therefore be it


That the City Manager be and hereby is requested to provide the City Council with a report on how the city planning team supports and encourages safe bicycle lane travel citywide. Specifically detailing how design, enforcement and education relate to city planning. Please elaborate on the following questions in order to prepare for a Transportation, Traffic, and Parking Committee meeting on this topic.

  • How will the City of Cambridge incorporate best design practices/strategies for bicyclists' safe travel on existing and future bike lanes?
  • What programs of enforcement are in place in the City of Cambridge? For example, how many citations over a 2-year period have been issued for motorized vehicle drivers who inappropriately block bicycle lanes?
  • Will the City of Cambridge place an informational pamphlet within motor vehicle excise tax bills that communicates - the importance of keeping bike lanes free of motorized vehicles and the concept of sharing roadways with bicyclists?
  • Will the City of Cambridge in conjunction with Cambridge Public Schools promote a program of safe bicycling routes for school-age students?

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