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City Council Office
 Policy Order Resolution
  October 7, 2013

WHEREAS: In North Cambridge and the Cambridge Highlands, three major traffic corridors -- Route 2, Route 3 and the Route 16 (the Alewife Brook Parkway) merge into one roadway; and

The location where these three routes merge into one road is commonly known as the Alewife Brook Parkway that is heavily traveled by pedestrians, bicyclists and motorized vehicles; and

WHEREAS: On either side of this roadway are the Alewife Brook Parkway Shopping Center, the Fresh Pond Mall, neighborhoods, playing fields, parks, ponds, the redline MBTA terminus and many high-density housing developments; and

On September 23 at 7:40 p.m., a pedestrian was struck and killed in a collision with a car on Alewife Brook Parkway; and 


This is the second incident in three months involving pedestrians walking along Alewife Brook Parkway being struck by cars; now therefore be it 



That the City Manager be and hereby is requested to work collaboratively with state officials who have domain over this roadway, to create a long-term solution for safe pedestrian crossings along Route 16, the Alewife Brook Parkway; and be it further



That the City Manager be and hereby is requested to report back to the City Council on this matter.


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