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City Council Office
 Policy Order Resolution
  September 9, 2013

WHEREAS: The City of Cambridge, City Council, and Cambridge Commission for Persons with Disabilities have a strong history of working to reduce and eliminate the barriers that people with disabilities experience in our community; and

According to the United States Department of Justice's Americans with Disabilities Act Guide for Small Towns, "Towns must take appropriate steps to ensure that communications with members of the public, job applicants, and participants with disabilities are as effective as communications with others"; and



Many Cambridge residents have expressed their desire to have more effective communications during full City Council meetings, including through the use of auxiliary aids such as closed captioning; now therefore be it


That the City Manager be and hereby is requested to confer with the Cambridge Commission for Persons with Disabilities, the City Clerk, and other relevant departments as to meaningful and feasible ways that the City of Cambridge can improve effective communications with members of our community, including the use of closed captioning, and report back to the City Council.

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