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City Council Office
 Policy Order Resolution
  April 28, 2014

WHEREAS: Along with the growing prevalence of voice mail, electronic mail, and cell phone technology over the past two decades, the pace of work in municipal government, as in many other areas of life, has been significantly amplified and accelerated. This has led the role of the Cambridge City Councillor to, by necessity, grow and evolve with the times; and
WHEREAS: As a consequence of this evolution and increased activity, the demands and expectations placed upon Cambridge City Councillors in 2014 are more substantial than they were a generation ago; and  
WHEREAS: At one time, it may have been reasonable to expect our elected officials to adequately discharge their duties from private offices, with City Hall being used mainly for City Council meetings, various other public meetings, and large private conferences, but this is no longer the case; and
WHEREAS: City Councillors now host regular meetings in City Hall with local business owners, prospective land developers, liaisons from the local educational institutions, liaisons from other governments, and with their individual constituents. The need to locate and book space for these meetings becomes increasingly challenging as the number of meetings expands, and the resulting office shuffle and overbooking of conference rooms is a challenge that continues to worsen; and


This increased usage of City Hall, coupled with a constituent base that has come to question why they cannot expect to find their elected representatives working from within the building that is, by its very nature, considered the heart of City government, suggests that the time has come to start exploring how to provide dedicated office space for the City Councillors; now therefore be it 


That the City Manager be and hereby is requested to consult with the appropriate City personnel to determine what options may exist to provide dedicated office space to the members of the City Council, and to report his findings to the City Council in a timely manner.   

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