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City Council Office
 Policy Order Resolution
  April 28, 2014

WHEREAS: The City of Cambridge is home to a vast web of excellent organizations that provide a host of social services, such as those that provide family counseling and crisis intervention, those that provide childcare, those that help people find affordable housing, those that work with domestic violence survivors, and so forth; and
WHEREAS: Many of these organizations provide vital services to the community, and their efforts could be bolstered and bring relief to a greater number of residents if only more people were fully aware of them at the moment when they are most in need of these services; and 


The City of Cambridge continually strives to alert its residents to the many services and organizations that could be of assistance to them, and it has become apparent that one way to amplify this effort would be by establishing a Cambridge-based telephone hotline, similar to the United Way's "211" informational hotline, that residents can contact to learn about which services are available to serve their specific needs at the moment when they most need them; now therefore be it 



That the City Manager be and hereby is requested to consult with the appropriate City personnel to determine the feasibility of establishing an informational hotline that residents can call to learn about and be connected to the social service providers in their neighborhood, and to report back to the City Council in a timely manner.


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