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 A Message from the Mayor's Office

Jun 30, 2004

July Symposia Series

As part of the July showcase Destination: Cambridge -- the Unconventional City, we have developed a series of policy symposia designed to look at policy issues important not only to Cambridge residents, but to the nation. 

“There are so many issues facing our nation as we approach the fall elections, both domestic and international,” said Mayor A. Sullivan.  “Some of those issues will be spotlighted by the parties and others throughout this election cycle, but some which are no less important just won’t receive the same visibility.  We want to highlight a few issues that we believe cannot be excluded as our country engages in a debate about the best direction we can take over the next four years.”

Date/Time  Tues. July 27 – 2:00-4pm
Venue:       Cambridge Center for Adult Education

Panel:               CEO Cambridge Savings Bank, moderator
                         Peter Daley, Home Owners Rehab
                         CEO on Mortgages East Cambridge Savings Bank
                         Mayor Michael A. Sullivan

Invited:             Barry Bluestone, Center for Urban and Regional Policy
                        Mary and Karl James, homeowners
                        Gordon Gottshe, Just A Start
                        Mayor Michael A. Sullivan


Recognizing the critical need for production of low-income multi-family a panel of local and national experts on housing issues will convene to discuss how regulatory and legislative bodies, affordable housing advocates, the private sector, city leaders and others can work together to preserve and expand affordable housing opportunities in cities.  Topics to be covered could include the unique importance of the low-income housing tax credit, property tax assessment/abatement and affordability; Section 8 issues; and new markets tax credits.

Title:                  BEYOND “WINNER TAKE ALL:”
Date/Time         Wednesday, July 28 – 1:00 – 3:00 pm
Venue:              Sullivan Chamber at Cambridge City Hall

Proportional Representation and Instant Run off Voting As Models for the Future of American Democracy

Panel:               Rep. Alice Wolf, Moderator
                         George Goverman, Atty. Camb. Election Commission 1976-80
                         Dan Johnson-Weinberger, Center for Voting and Democracy
                         Mark Leno, California State Assemblyman from San Francisco
                         Dr. Pippa Norris, McGuire Lecturer in Comparative Politics Kennedy School
                        James Roosevelt, Member of DNC                                          


This symposium will examine how Proportional Representation (PR), as practiced by Cambridge since 1941, creates diverse and representative elected bodies, and how innovative systems such as Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) can reinvigorate American Democracy.

Title:                Tribute to Tip O’Neill
                        Son of Cambridge
When               Thursday, July 29 – 12:00 – 1:30 pm
Venue              Sullivan Chamber, City Hall


A lunchtime discussion of the tremendous impact of Cambridge on national politics. In conjunction with the Cambridge Historical Commission’s exhibit on Cambridge Democrats.





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