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Five Year Status Report of the Harvard Square Conservation District Study

Note: The body of the report is saved in one .pdf file (131KB).
Not all appendices are available online.
Please see Table of Contents below for appropriate links.

Table of Contents:

I. Introduction Page 3
II. Historical Background and
Architectural Significance 4
III. Conservation District Goals
and Administration 6
IV. Multiple Designations 7
V. Summary of Cases Heard 8
VI. Categories of Cases Reviewed 9
VII. Public Notice and Meeting Procedures 13
VIII. Five Year Status Report: Public Process 13
IX. Possible Amendments 13
X. Conclusion 16

Appendix A: City Council Order, 12/18/2000, Establishing
the Harvard Square Conservation District
Appendix B: District Case Log (This is a large file, 609KB)
Appendix C: Denials of Certificates
Appendix D: Letters Received from the Public Regarding
the Status of the Harvard Square Conservation District
Appendix E: Amendments to the General Ordinances of Cambridge, Chapter 2.78, Articles I and III, that were proposed in 2000