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Certificate Of Occupancy
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Certificate Of Occupancy
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The Certificate of Occupancy application starts and ends with the Inspectional Services Department (ISD) .


1.       Provide in writing to the TP&T Department the status of the Planning Board Special Permit transportation conditions.

2.       Registered the parking spaces with the TP&T Department.

3.       Per TP&T approval, the contractor shall install street signs, pavement markings and meter poles.

4.       Roadway and sidewalks must be approved by DPW and comply with ADA/MAAB standards.


Garage/Flammables License is required from the License Commission  for:

  • Any underground parking garage with four (4) or more cars.
  • Any covered parking with four (4) or more cars.
  • Any at grade parking spaces for a fee.

Open Air Parking Lot License is required from the License Commission for any at grade parking lot that charges a fee.

Contact Adam Shulman, Transportation Planner via email, or call 617-349-4745 for additional information.

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