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Construction Management Plan Guidelines

In coordination with Cambridge DPW, the Traffic, Parking and Transportation Department (T, P & T) reviews Construction Management Plans to ensure safe and efficient traffic operations during construction activity. This document outlines the necessary traffic management details to be included in your Construction Management Plans for T, P & T review.

General Information:
1) Project Address
2) Date
3) Involved Parties

The following parties should be identified and there respective contact information listed:- Owner and Owner Representative
- General Contractor
- Architects
- Engineers

4) Project Description
A short detailed description including, project square footage, number of housing units, number of proposed vehicle and bicycle parking spaces, as well uses of the development.

5) Schedule
- Dates of overall construction
- Dates of in – street construction
- Details of any work being done to sidewalks and/or streets

6) Emergency Contacts
Include a list of parties to be contacted in the event of an emergency on site.

Detailed Information:
The following components with detailed explanations should be identified and included in your plan:
  a) Work Hours
  b) Delivery and Truck Routes
  c) Worker Access and Parking
  d) Police Details
  e) Truck Unloading/Staging
   f) Construction Site Signs
  g) On-Street Parking Occupancy
  h) Pedestrian Access
   i) Sidewalk Obstruction
   j) Modes of Transportation for Construction Workers and Initiatives for Reduction in   Driving and Parking Demands

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