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Monthly Parking Available to Residents at First St Garage

City of Cambridge has 2 municipal garages and 9 Off-Street Parking Lots.

First Street Garage
Located in East Cambridge across from the Middlesex Court house
Open 7 days a week
Entrance on Spring Street
Rates:    1 hour or less:  $2.00
             2 hours or less: $3.00
      3 hours or less: $4.00 

                    Thereafter $2.00 each hour or Fraction of hour

            10 to 24 hours: $20.00


            Night And Weekend Rate:

            Weeknights Enter After 4:00  PM and Exit by 6 AM.

            All Day Sat. & Sun.

            1 hour or less:  $2.00

            2 hours or less: $3.00

            3 hours or less: $4.00

            Over 3 hours:    $5.00


Green Street - Franklin Street Garage
Located in Central Square at the corner of Pearl Street and Green Street  (map)
Green Street Artwork   (Link)
Open 24/7
Entrance on Green Street
Rates as of March 1, 2009:
             $  1.50    1hr 
             $  3.00    2 hrs
             $  4.50    3 hrs
             $  6.00    4 hrs
             $  7.50    5 hrs
             $  9.00    6 hrs
             $10.50    7 hrs
             $12.00    8 hrs
             $13.00    daily maximum 
             $ 6.00   night  rate, enter after 6 pm, depart by 8 am.  

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