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Off Street Parking
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Off Street Parking
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 •   Parking & Transportation Demand Management
 •   Interdepartmental Parking Facility Form
 •   Ordinance 10.18
 •   Ordinance 10.16
 •   Cambridge Zoning Ordinance, Article 6
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The T, P &T Department maintains the off-street parking inventory for the City of Cambridge.    

No person shall build, expand, or reconfigure a parking facility without first submitting an Interdepartmental Parking Registration Form to the T, P & T Department.

Any creation or increase in non-residential parking spaces may trigger the City’s Parking and Transportation Demand Management (PTDM) Ordinance 10.18.   Information on the PTDM Ordinance and Transportation Demand Management Plans (TDM) may be found on the Cambridge Community Development Department’s web site in the Environmental and Transportation Planning Division.

Per City Ordinance 10.16 any creation or increase in commercial parking (parking open to the general public for a fee) requires a Commercial Parking Permit. It is not legal to rent or lease parking spaces in the City of Cambridge without an approved commercial parking permit.

Zoning requirements for Off-Street Parking and Loading can be found in the Cambridge Zoning Ordinance, Article 6.0.

Information on vehicle and bicycle parking can be found in the T, P & T Building Permit Guidelines and City Bicycle Parking Guide.


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