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The city of Cambridge does its best to provide parking for its residents and visitors. Parking meters are installed for the express purpose of allowing for short term parking for visitors and patrons of Cambridge businesses. In Cambridge, the majority of our meters have a two hour time limit, but we also have one hour and thirty minute meters.  To view meters in a certain location click on this link Traffic Viewer. On this page, select the Traffic viewer option and then enter the address about which you would like information in the address box and click Launch CityViewer.

If you need to park for longer then the posted time limit, you should use one of the parking garages or lots that provide public parking. Link to map of garages & lots locations

All meters in Cambridge take U.S. quarters only. Any other coins deposited will not give any time on the meter.  The parking meter rates are $1.00 per hour (15 minutes for $.25 cents).  

Time Limits:
Parking time limits are posted on signs in the vicinity of the meters. You are only allowed to park up to the maximum time that is posted for that area, whether you deposit more money after your time has run out or not. You can and will be ticketed for overtime parking if you stay longer than the time allowed. The same can be said if you park in a spot that has a meter missing but has a signed time limit.
The signs that are posted in the vicinity of the meters will explain the maximum time you can stay at that meter, the hours the meter is in operation, and either the days the meter is in operation or the exceptions when the meter is not in operation (i.e., 8am-6pm ex. Sunday). In Cambridge, no meters are in operation on holidays.

Signs at meters that say except during certain hours and days mean that the meters and the time limit are not in effect on those days.  For example, if a sign says 2-HR Parking, 8AM - 6PM, Except Sat & Sun. that means that the parking at that location is unrestricted for both hours and meters from 6PM on Friday night until 8AM on Monday.  Vehicles with a City of Cambridge Resident Parking Permit may park in such locations during that entire unrestricted time.  Other vehicles are limited to 24 hours under the City's Storage regulation.

Broken Meters:
While it is illegal to park at a broken meter, we have a policy that allows you to stay up to the posted time limit. Again, if you stay past the time limit, you can and will be ticketed for overtime parking, regardless if the meter is broken or not.

Street Cleaning at Meters:
You must pay attention to street cleaning signs. Some meters are in street cleaning areas and you will be ticketed and towed if you are parked at a meter during the posted day and time. Normally, the street cleaning restriction at a meter is only from 7am to 10am.

Other Restrictions at Meters:
There are times when temporary no parking signs may be attached to a meter. These signs will state the date, times, and reason for the restriction. Please read these signs carefully as your car can be subject to be ticketed and towed.

Ticket Disputes:
A parking control officer is NOT a parking meter repairperson or a hearing officer. If you feel you have been ticketed for a meter violation incorrectly there are a few avenues for an appeal so we can investigate your claim. You can complete the online dispute form, mail in the information to the address on the ticket, or visit our office to fill out a complaint form. We investigate every complaint and try to respond in a timely manner.

There is no grace period for when a car can be ticketed at a meter. Once the meter expires, your car is in violation. The majority of the meters in Cambridge will display this by showing “00:00” on the face of the meter and a flashing “expired” on the reverse side.


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