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Paying for Parking in the Central Square lots is about to get easier.

New Credit Card Pay stations for the Central Square Lots on Bishop Allen Drive.


                Over the October 13th and 14th weekend, the last 3 metered lots in the City will be upgraded to replace the old meters with pay stations that allow patrons to pay for parking with either a credit card or quarters. The City has 9 lots and these are the last 3 to be upgraded – Lots 4, 5 and 6 on Bishop Allen Drive in Central Square.


                At the same time the City is bringing the rate from $.50/hour to $1/hour to match the fee at all other meters in the City. The hours will also be extended until 10pm to match the two lots on the corner of Green and Pearl that have already been upgraded. In Lot 6, which is the closest to Columbia St, parkers will be able to buy up to 4 hours of time. The other lots are restricted to 2 hours from 8am to 6pm. All 5 Central Square lots will allow patrons to purchase up to 4 hours of time in the evening between 6pm and 10pm.


                The 17 pay stations already in use have been well received in all the locations throughout the City where they are installed. Parkers welcome the option of using a credit card rather than scrambling for quarters. In the other two Central Square lots 60% of the users are paying with a credit card.


                Use of the Central Square Lots has been highest in the evenings, especially Friday and Saturday night. The lots and the Green Street garage provide parking for visitors to the many restaurants and entertainment venues in Central Square that are especially active in the evening.




For additional information:

                Susan Clippinger

                TP&T Director, 617-349-4743


                Brad Gerratt

                TP&T Deputy Director, 617-349-4722


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