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Monthly Parking Available to Residents at First St Garage

Resident Parking Permits may be obtained by mail or in person.  If you qualify, you may be able to apply on-line

Read information below.  If you fulfill the requirements, fill out the application (mail-in only) and mail or go in person to:

Traffic, Parking & Transportation
City of Cambridge
344 Broadway
Cambridge, MA 02139

When applying for a resident parking permit include:
1. Application (use for mail - in only)
2. Copy of your vehicle registration for walk-in & mail-in.

3. Proof of residency
4. Fee of $25.00 in check or money order with application by mail; check, cash or credit/debit card when renewing in the office.
5. If required
         Senior citizen 65 or older- proof of age 
         Person with disabilities - disability placard (copy of front & back)
         Company vehicle - company letter

Your vehicle must:
• Be registered in your name at your Cambridge address
• Be principally garaged at your Cambridge address
• Weigh less than 2.5 tons
• Leased vehicles must still be registered in Mass and principally garaged at your Cambridge
• Company vehicles must be registered in Mass and principally garaged at your Cambridge address. You must have a letter from your company, on company letterhead, stating that the vehicle has been assigned to you and you maintain control over the vehicle at all times. The letter must include the name, title, and phone number of your supervisor

* $25.00 for the initial resident permit which includes one visitor parking permit per household
* $25.00 per vehicle for any additional resident parking permits in the household

No fee if:
• You are age 65 or older. Provide proof of age.
• You have disability plates or placard.

Temporary Parking PERMITS!!
If you just moved in and you’re in the process of re-registering your vehicle, you may qualify for a temporary parking permit. You must bring a lease or proof of residency along with your vehicle registration.  Qualified applicants may purchase a 1-week (instate vehicles) or 2 week (out of state vehicles) permit that will allow you to park in posted residential parking areas while you update your vehicle information. The processing fee is $10.00 per week.

Replacing a Resident Parking Permit:
* Vehicle Registration & Proof of Residency are required.
* When purchasing a new vehicle, you must remove sticker from old vehicle and return it (even in pieces) to Traffic Department in exchange for a new permit. 
*  If you do not return the old permit, you will be charged a $50.00 replacement fee for new permit.


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