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The City of Cambridge welcomes community organizations holding large Special Events open to the general public. Special Events require the approval of several City departments. To request such approval you must send a letter to the City Manager describing the event in as much detail as possible including the date(s), location, purpose and length of time. The City Manager will forward the information to the Special Events Committee. They will notify you of a time to meet with them and begin the permit process.

Your letter to the City Manager should be submitted 30 to 60 days in advance of the event.

The Traffic Department (only) permits Media Vans, Special Parking, VIP Reserved Area and Road Races.  Traffic Special Permit application can be found below.

Traffic Department permit fees are as follows:
     Base Charge -  $100.00 (plus meter fees & OT if applicable)
     Media Vans -    Flat Rate of $350.00/Trial/Media Station
     Meter Fees -     $10.00/Space/Day 
                              Spaces restricted Monday though Saturday between 8am & 6pm.

Credit card payments will be accepted over the phone by calling 617-349-4721 or 617-349-4714.

The City of Cambridge retains the right to revoke or deny street occupancy permits at any time for reasons including, but not limited to the following: non-compliance of any state law, City Ordinance, failure to comply with the above guidelines or failure to make payments.

All City permits are subject to review and can be revoked at any time per order of the Traffic, Parking and Transportation Director.

Print Submit Online Traffic Special Permit Application

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