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The Permit Division closes at noon (12:00pm) on Fridays. Any applications submitted after 11:30am on Fridays will not be processed until the following Monday (Tuesday when Monday is a holiday). The temporary signs are posted 48 hours in advance of the permit start. Permits processed on Mondays can not have a start date prior to the following Thursday.

The application must be received no less than 4 business days prior to the date work is to be started. The following questions are asked when applying for the permit:

  • At what address is the work being performed?
  • Why do you need the permit?
  • How much on-site parking is available?
  • What is the plate number on the vehicles?
  • If it is a metered area, what are the numbers of the meters that will be blocked?

Permits are valid only during the construction period and no earlier than 8:00am and no later than 4:00pm, Monday through Friday unless otherwise approved. The permits do not override the Snow Emergency and Street Cleaning regulations.

Modification of date, time or location to permits will not be accepted after signs have been posted unless due to extreme weather conditions. In the event that an applicant requests a posting modification after signs are posted, there will be no refund and applicant's must re-apply and pay for a new permit.

Permit Fees:
Application Fee $100.00
Weekly Fee (per week, per vehicle) $50.00
Plus meter fee ($10 per day per meter) if applicable.

Credit card payments will be accepted over the phone by calling 617-349-4721 or 617-349-4714.

The City of Cambridge retains the right to revoke or deny street occupancy permits at any time for reasons including, but not limited to the following: non-compliance of any state law, City Ordinance, failure to comply with the above guidelines or failure to make payments.

All City permits are subject to review and can be revoked at any time per order of the Traffic, Parking and Transportation Director.

Important Note
After applying and paying for permits online, you will receive a permit via email. A copy of the permit should be displayed on any vehicles using the permitted zone. In some instances emails will be sent to spam or junk folders. Please be sure to check all necessary folders for your permit.

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