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Pamplona, inside

January 9 – February 17, 2006

Reception: Thursday, January 12, 2006, 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.

:: Slide show "Pamplona, inside"

Sculptor DeWitt Godfrey, installed, in the CAC Gallery, a monumental physical presence. Working with large cylinders that are formed out of plate steel and measure two to seven feet in diameter, Godfrey will place these flexible forms within the physical boundaries of a chosen architectural space.

In Godfrey’s installations his shapes exert their force on each other, interacting with gravity, load, weather, urban activity, and architecture, and leaving much to happenstance. Godfrey describes his activity as lying somewhere between “comfortable and impossible”. At each site the system of cylinders will be made expressive by its context and will be large enough to invite physical intervention from viewers. They exert a presence to be discovered, sought, and explored.

A simultaneous exterior installation entitled Pamplona is being presented at Café Pamplona in Harvard Square for Public Art/Moving Site.

:: Slide Show "Pamplona"

Godfrey is the first of three artists participating in the traveling public art project Public Art/Moving Site, an innovative public art project that stretches the concept of “site”. Cambridge, MA, Bellows Falls, VT, and New Haven, CT collaborate to host a series of three public art installations that offer audiences an opportunity to consider public art in its ability to make geographic and cultural connections through a variety of forms and activities.






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