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What is Public A R T to Us?
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What is Public A R T to Us?

July 30 – September 14, 2007
Opening Reception: August 8, 2007, 5:30 - 7:30 P.M.

CAC Gallery presents What is Public ART to Us? an exhibition by Cambridge’s Public Art Youth Council (PAYC) exploring the relationship between youth and public art in an urban environment.

What is Public ART to Us? turns Cambridge’s Public Art Youth Council (PAYC) loose in CAC Gallery to demonstrate what makes public art meaningful to youth audiences. In preparation for their show PAYC took to the streets, meeting with local youth groups and investigating how teenagers identify with public art that exists in Cambridge parks, playgrounds, plazas, schools, bus stops and other places regarded as youth’s stomping grounds. In the process many of these teens learned about public art for the first time and realized that they’ve seen it, interacted with it and appreciated it before they ever called it art. With this exhibition Cambridge youth takes a deeper look at their public landscape and the ways that they define art. PAYC invites visitors to walk a block in their shoes and reconsider the relationship between youth and public art.

Public Art Youth Council (PAYC) is a group of up to thirteen Cambridge high school students hired by the Cambridge Arts Council (CAC) as ambassadors for public art. PAYC works under the guidance of the CAC Public Art Program to create events and activities that invite teens to deepen their understanding and engagement with public art. This summer eleven teens were hired by CAC in collaboration with the Mayor's Summer Youth Employment Program (MSYEP) to create an exhibition for CAC Gallery.

Artist Alexia Mellor is acting as supervisor for the summer 2007 crew including: Becca Schofield, Rose Merry, Obence Marin, Carl-Eden Norgaisse, Sara Jefferson, Rayjaun Pollard, Jared Eveillard, Lydia Rodriguez, Elliott Memmi, Thamar Jean-Fedestin, and Anne Nicolas. PAYC brings the unique voice of youth to the CAC Public Art Program, empowering and encouraging youth to participate in shaping their public spaces.

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