One percent of capital expenditures is committed to the incorporation of art into capital improvements in accordance with the Cambridge Public Art Ordinance. New projects are approved annually by the Cambridge City Council as part of its budget process.

The Arts Council's Public Art Registry is the main resource for the selection of artists for public art in Cambridge. The registry includes submissions from hundreds of local and national artists, representing a broad range of media, styles, and approaches to public art. All professional artists are eligible.

Artists who would like to be considered for commissions should submit work to the NEW CAC ONLINE PUBLIC ART REGISTRY at

Cambridge Arts Council's Public Art Program is calling all artists interested in working in the public realm to sign up on the new CAC Public Art Registry at

Registration is FREE and easy! Upload digital files of work samples and complete a form of biographic information. Once you are registered, you will be considered for all future Cambridge public art commissions.

If you are currently registered in the "physical" slide registry, you must re-register online at to continue to be considered for public art projects. The old slide registry will no longer be used.

For other questions, please contact Jeremy Gaucher, CAC Public Art Administrator, at

To ensure that the most appropriate artists are selected for projects, the Arts Council combines jury review with active community participation. The Public Art Commission decides on a selection method for each project by choosing one or a variation of the following options:

1. Interview: The jury selects a small number of candidate artists. The candidates are interviewed by the Art Committee, who makes the final selection.

2. Direct Purchase: The jury reviews existing art and recommends works for acquisition to the Art Committee who makes the final selection.

3. Request for Proposal: Proposals are solicited from artists. The jury selects finalists, who may be paid to refine and present their proposals. The jury makes the final decision with advice from the Art Committee.

4. Artist Roster: Periodically, a jury selects a pool of thirty artists from the slide registry to be considered for small projects and design consultations. When an opportunity becomes available, the commissioning group selects artists(s) from the roster based on review of the artists' slides and subsequent interviews.

Cambridge Arts Council is supported in part by the City of Cambridge, the Massachusetts Cultural Council, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

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