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 Some data reflects 2000 Census as more current data is not available.
 The acronym CDD stands for the city's Community Development
Item Vital Statistics
Population 101,355 (2000 Census)
Land Area 6.43 Square Miles
Major Employment Sectors

Education, Professional & Technical Services, Accomodation & Food Services Health Care and Social Assistance (2005, Mass. Division of Employment & Training)

Average Annual Wage


Median Household Income

$47,979 (2000, US Census)

Housing Units

44,686 (2005, CDD)

Median Housing Sales Price

$647,500 Single Family
$659,000 Two Family
$375,000 Condominium
(2004, CDD)

Owner Occupied Housing

30% (2005, CDD)

Typical Rental Price

$1,500 One Bedroom
$1,995 Two Bedroom
$2,200 Three Bedroom
(2005, CDD)

County Middlesex

Plan E Form of Government (City Council/City Manager)

Annual Budget

$380 million (FY 06 - starting July 1, 2005)

Public Schools

12 elementary schools, 1 high school (divided administratively into five small schools)

Private Schools

10 Independent, 3 parochial, 2 charter, 2 special education, numerous pre-schools

Higher Education

4 Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Lesley University Cambridge College


Main Library and 6 branches

Post Offices

Central Square, Kendall Square, Harvard Square, Inman Square, Porter Square


Cambridge Hospital, Mount Auburn Hospital, Youville Hospital

Fire Protection

8 fire stations, 276 sworn firefighters, 7 civilians

Police Protection

1 police station, 273 sworn officers, 37 civilians

Public Transportation

MBTA (subway & buses) and commuter rail

Closest Airport

Logan Airport (Boston)

Public Golf Courses

1 (Fresh Pond)

Property Tax Rate

Residential $ 7.78
Commercial $18.28
(per $1,000 of assessed value)

College Population

32,240 - Enrolled in Degree Program (2005, CDD)

Registered Vehicles

55,650 (2005, Mass. Registry of Motor Vehicles)

Median Age 30.4 Years (2000, US Census)
Educational Attainment

Educational Attainment Persons 25 or Older

65.2% College or Graduate Degree; 12.2% Some College; 12.2% High School Diploma; 10.5% No High School Diploma; (2000, US Census)

Unemployment Rate

2.9% December 2005 Mass. Division of Employment & Training)

Total Employment

99,591 (2004, Mass. Division of Employment & Training)

Racial Diversity 68% White, 12% Black, 12% Asian, 3% Other, 5% Two or More Races (2000, US Census)
Living Working Visiting