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City Council Office

Ordinance #1312


In City Council September 24, 2007



              Final Publication Number 3155.  First Publication in the Chronicle on December 13, 2007.


City of Cambridge


In the Year Two Thousand and Eight




In amendment to the Ordinance entitled “Municipal Code of the City of Cambridge


Be it ordained that Cambridge Municipal Code Chapter 2.112 is hereby amended by adding a new Section 2.112.060 entitled “CORI Screening by Vendors of the City of Cambridge” as follows:


Adding after Section 2.112.050 the following new sections:


SECTION  2.112.060





2.112.061  Purpose

2.112.062  Definitions

2.112.063  CORI-Related Standards of the City of Cambridge

2.112.064  Waiver

2.112.065  Applicability


            2.112.061  Purpose


                        These sections are intended to ensure that the persons and businesses supplying goods and/or services to the City of Cambridge deploy fair policies relating to the screening and identification of persons with criminal backgrounds through the CORI system.


                        2.112.062  Definitions


                        Unless specifically indicated otherwise, these definitions shall apply and control.


                        Awarding Authority means the City of Cambridge Purchasing Agent or designee.


                        Vendor means any vendor, contractor, or supplier of goods and/or services to the City of Cambridge.





                        2.112.063  CORI-Related Standards of the City of Cambridge


                        The City of Cambridge employs CORI-related policies, practices and standards that are fair to all persons involved and seeks to do business with vendors that have substantially similar policies, practices and standards. The City of Cambridge will do business only with vendors who, when required by law to perform CORI checks, employ CORI-related policies, practices, and standards that are consistent with policies, practices and standards employed by the City of Cambridge. The awarding authority shall consider any vendor’s deviation from policies, practices and standards employed by the City of Cambridge as grounds for rejection, rescission, revocation, or any other termination of the contract.


                        2.112.064  Waiver


The City Manager may grant a waiver to anyone who or which has submitted a request for waiver if it is objectively reasonable; and the City Manager, or a delegate, shall report promptly in writing to the City Council all action taken with respect to every request for a waiver and the reasons for the decision.


2.112.065  Applicability


                        If any provision of these sections imposes greater restrictions or obligations than those imposed by any other general law, special law, regulation, rule, ordinance, order, or policy then the provisions of these sections shall control.



                                                             In City Council January 28, 2008.
                                                              Passed to be ordained by a yea and nay vote:-
                                                              Yeas 9; Nays 0; Absent 0.

                                                         Attest:- D. Margaret Drury, City Clerk.


                                                         A true copy;



                                                                                    D. Margaret Drury

                                                                                            City Clerk






ORDAINED 9-0-0 ORDINANCE #1312 on January 28, 2008
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