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  Calendar item #13
  January 30, 2012
  February 6, 2012

WHEREAS: The City Manager's contract expires later this fall; and
WHEREAS: The decision of whether he wishes to continue in this position and whether the City Council wishes him to continue in this position is to be decided within the next few months; and
WHEREAS: The City Manager is a position that is hired by the City Council; and
WHEREAS: The City Council has, at this time, no Mayor and it is not clear when the City Council will have a Mayor; now therefore be it


That the Acting Chair of the City Council be and hereby is requested to appoint a temporary committee of three City Council members to start the process of setting up a City Council review of the City Manager and to start the discussion with the City Manager of his intentions; and be it further


That this Committee be and hereby is requested to report back within the limitations of relevant rules and procedures regarding personnel matters to the City Council via the formal Communications and Reports from City Officers section of the City Council Agenda on the status of this search and hiring process. 

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