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 Policy Order Resolution
  June 22, 2015

WHEREAS: Huron Avenue is a significantly traveled route for people in cars, people on bicycles, and people walking; and
WHEREAS: Many residents, including senior citizens and young students, use Huron Avenue to get to and from Fresh Pond Reservation, the Fresh Pond Golf Course, Glacken Field & Playground, the Russell Youth & Community Center, the Collins Branch library, schools (including the Daniel Haggerty School), shopping, and recreational sporting events; and

Student and pedestrian safety is paramount to the City of Cambridge; and

WHEREAS: At present, several significant sections of Huron Avenue lack the necessary infrastructure to ensure safe travel for all users; and

There is, specifically, no sidewalk, cycle track, or protected bicycle lane on the north side of Huron Avenue between Fresh Pond Parkway and Aberdeen Avenue (679 ft. in length), between Aberdeen Avenue and Glacken Field (903 ft.), or between Glacken Field and the Russell Youth & Community Center (502 ft.); and

WHEREAS: Continuous concrete sidewalks are significantly easier to keep cleared of snow and ice, the lack of which resulted in pedestrians at this location being forced to walk dangerously in the street for most of the past Winter; and 

ADA compliant sidewalks also ensure safe and equal access to persons with disabilities and greatly encourage sidewalk use by all residents, thus limiting non-motorist road usage; and 

WHEREAS: Protected bike lanes are inexpensive and see 28% fewer injuries per mile; and
WHEREAS: 96% of protected bike lane users notice an increase in personal safety, a priority for families with students who commute to school; now therefore be it


That the City Manager be and hereby is requested to confer with the appropriate departments to install ADA compliant sidewalks, create protected bike lanes, and consider additional features to guarantee the safety of young students and all other users; and be it further



That the City Manager be and hereby is requested to report back to the City Council on this matter.

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