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 Policy Order Resolution
  December 7, 2015

WHEREAS: A free press and an informed public are essential for a well-functioning democracy; and

In the U.S., we are fortunate to have a wide spectrum of media outlets whose viewpoints are usually represented by fact based evidence and first-hand account information; and

WHEREAS: In an age where the ease of technology allows for any group or organization to produce "news," certain media outlets have the ability, and too often the willingness, to mislead, unfairly portray, and smear the honorable work of individuals in an attempt to build readership and sell subscriptions; and
WHEREAS: This form of news media is rightfully disregarded as illegitimate tabloid, nonetheless, it is important that we as a community publicly condemn these organizations who blatantly fabricate the truth; and

Most recently, our fellow colleague and councillor, Nadeem Mazen, was the target of such baseless attacks by the online magazine; and

WHEREAS: has a history of outrageous and sensationalized journalism designed for shock value but which has no proven basis in truth whatsoever; now therefore be it 



That the City Council go on record denouncing the anti-Muslim libel spread by and similar organizations; and be it further



That the City Clerk be and hereby is requested to forward a suitably engrossed copy of this resolution to on behalf of the entire City Council.


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