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March 24, 2014

To the Honorable, the City Council:

In response to Awaiting Report Item Number 14-16, regarding a report regarding the status of the First Street Garage RFP process, please be advised of the following:

As you know, the City Council voted on October 7, 2013 to declare a portion of the City-owned First Street Garage available for disposition by a long term lease of four hundred twenty (420) parking spaces and a portion of the ground floor retail space to Leggat McCall in connection with their planned development of the former Edward J. Sullivan Courthouse at 40 Thorndike Street, in order to satisfy Leggatt McCall's parking requirements and to secure a retail grocery store on the ground floor of the garage.

As I explained in my letter to you of October 7, 2013 (attached), the proposed action by the City Council to declare the property available for disposition by such a leasehold interest would initiate a process, lasting approximately six to eight months, during which the value of the property to be leased would be appraised; a formal proposal would be solicited from the potential master lessee; and public hearings would be held to evaluate the proposal.

Please be advised that following the City Council's vote on this matter, there has been no further action as to this request by the City administration, and pursuant to the above-referenced Policy Order Resolution of March 17, 2014, I will take no further action as to this proposed disposition until I receive further guidance from the City Council.




Very truly yours,








Richard C. Rossi


City Manager



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