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 Policy Order Resolution
  September 22, 2008

WHEREAS: Stanley and Wolf Jules were twins, born in Haiti, and immigrated to the United States and settled in Cambridge; and
WHEREAS: Stanley and Wolf were intricate parts of the Haitian community, of the Cambridge community, of the Central Square community, and Cambridge Rindge and Latin community; and
WHEREAS: Stanley and Wolf were much loved by their family and both had many friends in the city, including CRLS, where they were athletes, students and artists; and
WHEREAS: Stanley played baseball, Wolf played volleyball and basketball.  Both were members of the Peace and Justice Corps.  Together they covered the Haitian Club, Amnesty, The Hip Hop Club, and many others; and
WHEREAS: Stanley and Wolf both transcended race and class.  They had a cross section of friends and were loved by many people, including teachers, administrators, coaches, counselors, and many of their own peers; and
WHEREAS: They disarmed people's fears, prejudices, and cliches.  People opened up to Stanley and Wolf and they opened up to other people, creating long-lasting, true friendships.  They were truly close to many people; and
WHEREAS: Stanley passed away first in his sleep of natural causes in October 1, 2005; and
WHEREAS: Stanley being taken away from us caused a great deal of sadness and agony, especially in his twin brother Wolf, who kept it all bottled up inside of him; and
WHEREAS: Wolf's tall, athletic, good looks, and wide smile fooled people from what he was hiding deep down inside; and
WHEREAS: Wolf decided to leave us September 19th, 2008.  It was a great shock and loss for his family, his friends, and the Cambridge community.  Coupled with the loss of Stanley three years before, it was a great tragedy for all of us; now therefore be it


That the City Council go on record dedicating the corner of Columbia Street and Main Street in honor of Stanley and Wolf Jules; and be it further


That the City Clerk be and hereby is requested to prepare a suitably engrossed copy of this resolution for presentation at the Dedication Ceremony on Saturday, October 24, 2009 on behalf of the entire City Council.  

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