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  Calendar item #1
  November 5, 2012
  November 19, 2012

WHEREAS: Trees are a valuable, much appreciated and diminishing resource throughout Cambridge; and
WHEREAS: During various public space renovation projects, existing trees might need to be removed or significantly trimmed; and
WHEREAS: Many trees on public spaces may not require a state-mandated shade tree removal hearing prior to removal; and
WHEREAS: The Cambridge Common renovation project plans to remove over twenty significantly sized trees; and
WHEREAS: There has been no tree hearing for these trees nor is there any clear indication on the Cambridge Common or readily available online to help people determine which trees will be removed; now therefore be it


That the City Manager be and hereby is requested to confer with relevant staff to have all trees slated for removal in the Cambridge Common renovation project, to include Flagstaff Park, clearly and quickly marked as being slated for removal so that the park using public will have a clearer idea of the extent the planned renovation will have on the Cambridge Common's trees; and be it further


That the City Manager be and hereby is requested to confer with relevant city staff to develop a policy of marking trees slated for removal and an overall illustration when the project is completed during public projects as early as possible during the public process associated with those projects so that people can better understand how the projects would impact Cambridge's tree cover. 

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