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December 10, 2007

To the Honorable, the City Council:

In response to Awaiting Report Item Number 07-132, regarding a report on enforcing the City light ordinance and addressing light pollution issues, please be advised of the following:

The Cambridge Zoning Ordinance Article 7, Section 7.20, states that   "In residence A,B,C and C1 districts no outdoor floodlighting or decorative lighting, except lighting primarily designed to illuminate walks, driveways, outdoor living areas, or outdoor recreational facilities and except temporary holiday lighting in use for  not longer than  a four week period in any calendar year, shall be permitted.  Any permanent lighting permitted by the preceding sentence shall be continuous, indirect, and installed in a manner that will prevent light from shining onto any street or adjacent property."

The Inspectional Services enforces this section of the ordinance, when complaints are received. Prior to issuing building permits and approvals for parking lots, contractors are informed that they must comply with this section of the Ordinance.




Very truly yours,








Robert W. Healy


City Manager




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