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 A Message from the Mayor's Office

Apr 1, 2008

Prince Hall Memorial Project Launched

An effort has begun to place a memorial to Prince Hall, the 18th Century Patriot and Civil Rights Advocate, on the historic Cambridge Common.  A committee formed by Mayor E. Denise Simmons has gained preliminary approval from the Cambridge Historic Commission to design and place the memorial on the Common’s rotunda – near the George Washington Memorial.

This would be the first monument in recognition of any African American on the Cambridge Common, historic for being the site where General George Washington formed the Continental Army.

“Prince Hall’s life and legacy in the days before and after the American Revolution proved to be the foundation on which the modern civil rights movement was built,” said Mayor Simmons.  “He advocated for the inclusion of African Americans in the Continental Army, an end to slavery, and for the education of black children.  He formed organizations where African Americans could gather and speak that remain vital to this day – all at a time when it was dangerous to do so.”

“The Cambridge Common is in many ways hallowed ground, with monuments to important people and events in the history of Cambridge, and the entire nation.  Yet, it is sadly absent any reference to the experience of African Americans in that history.  By memorializing Prince Hall, and the principles he stood for, we pay homage to those who suffered through slavery, and honor those who fought against it, and provided a foundation for what would become the modern Civil Rights Movement,” said Mayor Simmons.

For more information or to join the Prince Hall Memorial Committee, contact Rosaleah Brown at 617-349-4321 or




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