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Nov 13, 2009

Cambridge Municipal Election Final Results for City Council (Updated 11-13-09)

The following results are final as of November 13, 2009. The rankings listed below, from first to last in order of finish, are based on the ballots scanned at the precincts on Election Day, write-ins, auxiliary ballots, provisional ballots and overseas absentee ballots.

Davis, Henrietta 1596   ELECTED -- 1st count
Simmons, E. Denise 1596   ELECTED -- 1st count
Toomey, Jr., Timothy J. 1596   ELECTED -- 1st count
Kelley, Craig A. 1596   ELECTED -- 15th count
Maher, David P. 1596   ELECTED -- 16th count
Reeves, Kenneth E. 1596   ELECTED -- 16th count
Seidel, Sam +23  1596   ELECTED -- 17th count
Decker, Marjorie C. +75  1596   ELECTED -- 17th count
Cheung, Leland +208  1532   ELECTED -- 17th count
Sullivan, Edward J. -1167   DEFEATED -- 16th count
Ward, Larry W.  DEFEATED -- 15th count
vanBeuzekom, Minka Y.  DEFEATED -- 14th count
Marquardt, Charles J.  DEFEATED -- 13th count
Stohlman, Jr., Thomas .  DEFEATED -- 12th count
Glick, Silvia P.  DEFEATED -- 11th count
Leavitt, Neal W.  DEFEATED -- 10th count
Flanagan, Mark F.  DEFEATED -- 9th count
Adkins, Lawrence J.  DEFEATED -- 8th count
Podgers, Kathy  DEFEATED -- 7th count
Williamson, James M.  DEFEATED -- 6th count
Moree, Gregg J.  DEFEATED -- 5th count
Write-In 2  DEFEATED -- 4th count
Write-In 3  DEFEATED -- 4th count
Write-In 6  DEFEATED -- 4th count
Write-In 4  DEFEATED -- 4th count
Write-In 7  DEFEATED -- 4th count
Write-In 8  DEFEATED -- 4th count
Write-In 9  DEFEATED -- 4th count
Write-In 5  DEFEATED -- 4th count
EXHAUSTED PILE: +861  1655   
TOTALS: 15955   

 Click here for results from previous rounds.


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