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 A Message from the Public Information Office

Nov 1, 2010

Single Stream Recycling has Arrived. Return Old or Broken Bins

Single Stream Recycling is Now in Place in Cambridge. With single stream, or "zero-sort" recycling, residents will be able to mix clean papers, cardboard, bottles and cans together in the same recycling bin. All clean cardboard will be accepted. For more information, visit:

Have Extra Recycling Bins?
If you need to return old or broken recycling bins, please note that Public Works will be pick them up on the day after your regular collection day in November.  Please stack and place them upside down at the curb.   Broken bins will be recycled and bins in good condition will be washed, stored and redistributed. 

Going forward, on collection day the recycling truck can take broken bins, as well as other large plastics such as 5-gal pails, broken toys and laundry baskets.


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