1 of 40: Pre-excavation- silt curtains were put into place in early February to catch sediment disturbed by digging.
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2 of 40: Excavation along Little Fresh Pond- This area was excavated and regraded to allow for the placement of coir fascines and the planting of vegetation. 02/16/06
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3 of 40: Future Jogging Path- a small jogging path will be created along Little Fresh Pond for those who would like to travel at a faster pace.
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4 of 40: Excavation along the golf course- This area is being regraded and replanted to create a larger buffer between the golf course and Little Fresh Pond.
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5 of 40: Staking Coir Fascines- Coir fascines are being placed around the perimeter of Little Fresh Pond to create a surface into which vegetation will be planted.
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6 of 40: Coir Fascine Close-up
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7 of 40: Coir Fascine and Erosion Control Fabric- the erosion control fabric will be placed under the coir fascines.  In some areas of the Pond, two rows will be placed, and so the fabric has been turned up to make room for the second row.
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8 of 40: Southwestern wetland excavation- This area is being created to connect the existing isolated wetland located on the golf course directly with Little Fresh Pond.  The wetland will filter the water before it enters Little Fresh Pond.
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9 of 40: Sediment Forebay- this forebay will slow the water, allowing the sediment to fall out before reaching Little Fresh Pond.  The forebay will be maintained by excavating sand from it every one to two years.
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10 of 40: Pulverizing the Perimeter Road-- the Perimeter Road is being crushed so that it can be shifted slightly, and utility lines be buried underneath it.
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11 of 40: Southeastern beach access-- The cedar logs placed here will create the outline for the universally accessible path that will run down to the edge of the water at Little Fresh Pond.
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12 of 40: Little Fresh Pond Bench template-- This template was used to illustrate the placement and shape of the future bench so that the bench base can be created on site.
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13 of 40: New Plantings
These are some of the many new arrivals that will be part of the plant community around Little Fresh Pond.
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14 of 40: Upland tree planting - these new trees are a part of the greater planting plan for Little Fresh Pond.
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15 of 40: New Bench Base - the new bench for the southeastern beach access area will be placed on the base buried here.
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16 of 40: Prepping for planting - new soils were were spread over the wetlands, and then covered with an erosion control fabric.  Looks just right for planting!
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17 of 40: Ready for planting - our Earth Day volunteers planted this and other areas of the Little Fresh Pond Shoreline.
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18 of 40: Wetland plantings- the Northeastern wetland was planted during the afternoon on Earth Day.  Great job all!  Check out the Little Fresh Pond Earth Day Photo Album for more photos!
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19 of 40: Hard at work over the coir fascines- over 40 volunteers helped us with our planting efforts on Earth Day.
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20 of 40: Southeastern beach access - Work on the pathway continues with the creation of a base for the stablized aggregate.
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21 of 40: New plantings - in the northeast corner of the pond, we can see the merging of three new habitats: wetland, wet meadow, and upland trees.
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22 of 40: Goose Protection - this string maze has been created to protect the new wetland plantings from waterfowl.  It will be taken down as the plants are established.
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23 of 40: Bench base - this stone wall is actually the base onto which a new bench will be placed.  Check the Little Fresh Pond website for details.
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24 of 40: Southwestern wetland boardwalk - this boardwalk is being built to protect the wetland underneath from trampling and golfers  who use it from muddy feet.
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25 of 40: Boardwalk footing-- the base of the boardwalk is specially designed to reduce impact on the wetland over which it spans
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26 of 40: Vault placement-- this box will house the irrigation and drainage conrol valves together.  This will allow for the drawing down of Little Fresh Pond before a storm event and for the irrigation of the golf course.
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27 of 40: Golf course shoreline-- a view of the newly regraded and replanted shoreline of Little Fresh Pond.
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28 of 40: Southern scenic overlook- this area was shaped and planted to create a drainage area for the Perimeter Road.
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29 of 40: Connecting isolated wetlands -- The isolated wetlands in the golf course are being connected once again with Little Fresh Pond.  This area will be planted with wetland vegetation in the next weeks
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30 of 40: Southern beach access-- the restoration of this area is nearly complete.  Already some of our four legged friends have been enjoying it!
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31 of 40: Wildflower meadow-- this meadow will create a natural buffer between the more manicured areas of the golf course and Little Fresh Pond.
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32 of 40: Bench installation-- the frame for the new bench going in...
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33 of 40: Enjoying the new bench--one of our young visitors taking advantage of the shade and the new bench at the southern end of Little Fresh Pond
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34 of 40: Utility conduits-- These utility conduits will house both electric and phone wires.
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35 of 40: Meadow Buffer - As the summer ends, new flowers are blooming in the buffer along the western edge of Little Fresh Pond.
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36 of 40:
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37 of 40: Shoreline of Little Fresh Pond from the new golf course boardwalks
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38 of 40: Morning at Little Fresh Pond - a view of the new southeast access point from the Perimeter Road
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40 of 40: Little Fresh Pond Shoreline
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